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A New Beginning

Who would be the foremost expert on the subject of prayer? Pastor Greg Laurie says the answer is obviously the Lord Himself! So Monday on A NEW BEGINNING, Pastor Greg takes us the model for prayer given us by Jesus. If you’re unsure if your prayers make it to God’s throne, tune in for practical . . .

Adventures in Odyssey

One minute, Anna and Kyle are exploring a creepy old house outside Odyssey. The next, they’re transported to the mysterious land of Marus–and caught in the middle of a dangerous conflict between a brave army general and a powerful king.

Bless Israel

For over 35 years, The Fellowship has worked tirelessly to help desperate Jews in Israel and around the world. With Bless Israel, your listeners will learn how they can help poor widows, orphans, Holocaust survivors, families and elderly, victims of terror and war, and those who are persecuted and oppressed.

Family Talk

Kasey Van Norman experienced a difficult childhood, infidelity in her marriage, and a battle with cancer. The author of Nothing Wasted: God Uses the Stuff You Wouldn’t, Kasey believes that God has used her rocky road of regret and loss. Indeed, He prepares our hearts through pain. Kasey points to . . .

FamilyLife This Week®

A father's legacy leaves a lasting impression on his children, for good or for bad. H.B. Charles talks about his father's enduring legacy. Hear Jim Daly, Sally-Lloyd Jones, and Rick Rigsby give tributes to their fathers.

FamilyLife Today®

Colossians 3 calls Christians to "put away" certain behaviors in order to love others. Ray and Robyn McKelvy explain to us what that looks like when relating to our spouses.

Focus on the Family

Personality clashes, a child’s terminal diagnosis, and a close-call emotional affair all led to a marriage falling apart at the seams. Recording artist Matt Hammitt and his wife, Sarah, candidly share their marriage struggles and how God’s grace and forgiveness gave them enough hope to fight for . . .

Focus on the Family Weekend

Focus on the Family presents Weekend  — the magazine show packed full of fun tips and great advice for families caught in the fast lane of life.

Focus on the Family's Radio Theatre

Countless generations grew up with Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy as they became "Little Women". Now Focus on the Family Radio Theatre revisits Louisa May Alcott’s enduring best-seller for a fresh look at sacrificial family love. "Little Women" chronicles the story of dutiful Meg, untamed Jo, selfless Beth . . .

Grace to You

You may have just entered the Christian ranks . . . or maybe you’re something of a veteran. But even if you’ve earned a stripe or two, there’s always something you can learn by getting back to the basics.

Grace to You Weekend

You’ve no doubt felt the weight of sin that breaks your fellowship with God. Thankfully, God is ready to forgive—He wants to forgive. Our job is simply to confess our sins. But what does confession that pleases the Lord actually look like?

Insight for Living

Have you ever asked, “What is the kingdom of heaven like?” If so, Pastor Chuck Swindoll’s exposition of Matthew 13:44–52 is just for you. Four times, Jesus used different comparisons to teach us what the kingdom of heaven is like. You won’t find Jesus musing about some lofty and distant place. . . .

Jay Sekulow Live!

On today's program, Jay and the team discuss Sen. Joe Manchin's potential shift to supporting the Democrat's huge voting rights bill.

Leading The Way

Make it a point to join Dr. Michael Youssef for the next Leading The Way.  You’ll see the characteristics that should be seen in those living out a genuine faith!

Living God Ministries

Living God Ministries was established for the purpose of evangelism and discipleship in the knowledge of our Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Love Worth Finding

Adrian Rogers offers four insights from the story of the rich young ruler to help you avoid striking out at the opportunity to follow Christ.

Ministry in the Marketplace

From a Palestinian sniper to a born-again Christian, Tass Saada is now leading those that he once persecuted to Jesus Christ. Tune in this week to hear his story! Also, Richard shares a challenging message from the book of Matthew.

Pathway to Victory

Every pastor has his own preferred way of leading. And while some methods can be left up to personal preference, the Bible has some non-negotiable instruction regarding a pastor’s role as the head of a congregation. Today on Pathway to Victory, Dr. Robert Jeffress talks about the God-given . . .

Pathway to Victory

Every pastor has his own preferred way of leading. And while some methods can be left up to personal preference, the Bible has some non-negotiable instruction regarding a pastor’s role as the head of a congregation. Today on Pathway to Victory, Dr. Robert Jeffress talks about the God-given . . .

Sound of Faith

Jesus rebuked religious leaders who failed to recognize His coming: “You can discern what the weather will be by the face of the sky, but you can’t discern the signs of the times.” And He said that events taking place prior to His return would be so terrorizing that men's hearts would fail them for . . .

The Alternative

We’re often eager for God to change our circumstances… as long as we don’t have to do too much changing in the process. Join Jonathan Evans as he explains why it usually doesn’t work that way, making us the biggest obstacle in the way of our own deliverance.

The Eric Metaxas Show

The Eric Metaxas Show offers compelling perspective on American culture, political life, and stories making news around the corner and across the globe.

The Georgene Rice Show

Weekdays 10 pm - midnight

Today we’ll consider the days’ headlines… take a brief look at president-elect Biden’s COVID rescue plan. We’ll also share this week’s Christian Outlook.

Thru the Bible

The story of God’s providential hand in the life of Joseph continues as we see that he’s been fast tracked to leadership in Egypt. As Jacob leads the movement to store food in the cities, his personal life also expands with the birth of two sons, Manasseh and Ephraim. As the famine begins, Jacob . . .

Thru the Bible - Questions & Answers

1) What is the purpose of the Law according to Galatians 3:19-20? 2) Can you discuss the issue of demonism in Luke 11:14, 23-26? 3) Can you explain the difference between the spirit and the soul? 4) Why is Ishmael not part of Abraham’s blessing, but all the sons of Jacob are included? 5) Why did . . .

Thru the Bible - Sunday Sermon

There’s nothing like going to a wedding and seeing the bride appear in all her glory as she walks down the aisle. The story of Isaac and Rebekah paints a picture for us of Christ anticipating the receiving of His bride, the church.

Truth For Life

Satan is a very real enemy. Although his defeat is guaranteed, he isn’t giving up without a fight. It’s important to recognize that we’re targets of his attacks. So how can we face this cunning foe? Hear the answer on Truth For Life with Alistair Begg. 

Turning Point

When the apostle Paul describes the "whole armor of God," isn't it interesting that almost every piece is defensive in nature? Almost. Today, Dr. David Jeremiah turns to the only offensive weapon on the list, which every believer can rely on to vanquish the enemy.

Understanding the Times

Jan Markell and Dr. David Jeremiah unpack the Millennium in this program. All believers will experience this one-thousand years at the end of the Tribulation. What will our duties be and what will be the condition of the earth? What happens to Satan? Who populates the Millennium and who does not? . . .

Unlimited Grace

The central theme in the new testament book of Philippians is “joy”. But how can that be? Especially since its author, the apostle Paul, was writing it from a dark and dank prison cell? And, what about you? Perhaps you feel joy is out-of-reach … a struggle … impossible. If you need some joy in your . . .


This week, join Jim Lyon and Jay Harvey as they continue the series "City Parallels" exploring the parallels between ancient and modern cities.


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