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A New Beginning

How can we stand against the power and deceit of our spiritual adversary? Pastor Greg Laurie says we stand on the authority of God’s Word. Tuesday on A NEW BEGINNING, Pastor Greg points out even Jesus resisted temptation from the Devil by quoting Scripture. Get help for your temptations.

Adventures in Odyssey

Eugene and Katrina Meltsner take a trip to visit a remote African tribe that believes its village is under a curse.

Bless Israel

For over 35 years, The Fellowship has worked tirelessly to help desperate Jews in Israel and around the world. With Bless Israel, your listeners will learn how they can help poor widows, orphans, Holocaust survivors, families and elderly, victims of terror and war, and those who are persecuted and oppressed.

Bob's Auto Cafe Radio

Saturdays at 9am

Join us as we venture out to talk about vehicle and spiritual maintenance. Your host, Dan Lacy, will take you down roads unexplored, keeping you informed and entertained along the way.

Family Talk

On today’s edition of Family Talk, Dr. Erwin Lutzer, author of We Will Not Be Silenced: Responding Courageously to Our Culture’s Assault on Christianity, continues his discussion with Dr. Tim Clinton about how the secular left wants to advance “cultural Marxism” in America. A key component is the . . .

FamilyLife This Week®

Can you raise "perfect kids" by being a "perfect parent"? Not only is it impossible, but you'll bring more harm to your kids the harder you try to achieve perfection. Hear Meg Meeker, Karis Kimmel Murray, Elisa Morgan, and Reb Bradley share their parenting stories.

FamilyLife Today®

The death of someone close to us is one of the hardest things we will ever face. On FamilyLife Today, author Vaneetha Risner [RIZE-nur] tells hosts Dave and Ann Wilson the story of how God met her after the tragic loss of her son and the healing his life still brings to others.

Focus on the Family

As a pediatrician, Dr. Meg Meeker has learned a lot from the thousands of girls who’ve come through her office. She’ll address social pressures to grow up too fast and other challenges that girls face in a toxic culture. You’ll be encouraged to listen to your daughter’s heart and to develop her . . .

Focus on the Family Weekend

Popular author and speaker Dr. Ravi Zacharias discusses three biblical lessons Christians must learn to remain true to God's ways while living in a post-Christian society.

Focus on the Family's Radio Theatre

An unforgettable tale of betrayal, revenge and redemption, "Ben-Hur" tells of a Jewish nobleman who fell from Roman favor and was sentenced to live as a slave, all at the hands of his childhood friend, Messala. But what earns the best-selling story a place among the great classics is its account of . . .

Grace to You

There is a popular theory in academia—and now in many churches—that Jesus Himself never claimed to be God. That the deity of Christ was a doctrine invented by the church hundreds of years after His ministry. Does Jesus ever explicitly claim equality with the Father?

Grace to You Weekend

There is no shortage of opinions on Jesus Christ. Many people say he was simply an able leader, a wise teacher, or a social reformer. So what do you say? Most important, what does Jesus say about Himself?

Insight for Living

Does Jesus’ arrival mean we can trash the Old Testament and the law? Hardly! Jesus told us He came to fulfill the law rather than abolish it. He revealed that keeping excessive human traditions layered on top of the law missed the whole intent of the law. Listen to Pastor Chuck Swindoll’s sermon on . . .

Jay Sekulow Live!

Jordan, Jay, and Thann are joined by Harry Hutchison to break down CPAC and the future of the conservative movement.

Leading The Way

Join Dr. Youssef for his series The End of History and You . . . as he looks at JUDGEMENT . . and how Jesus will take His position as Judge over creation.

Love Worth Finding

We can have all the things of this world and yet still be dissatisfied in our lives. Wealth, fame, and fortune do not fulfill a longing only God can satisfy. In this message, Adrian Rogers reveals the secret of satisfaction found in Psalm 23.

Ministry in the Marketplace

This week, Richard shares a challenging message from the book of Hebrews and visits with Chuck Finney. Chuck founded a media consulting agency called, The Finney Media Group. Click on the audio bar below to find out more.

Pathway to Victory

Most of us have a thousand and one things on our mind right now. Which means our thoughts are often consumed by the “tyranny of the urgent”—not by what’s to come. Today on Pathway to Victory, Dr. Robert Jeffress challenges us to develop a more heavenly mindset that will do a lot of earthly good!

Pathway to Victory

Most of us have a thousand and one things on our mind right now. Which means our thoughts are often consumed by the “tyranny of the urgent”—not by what’s to come. Today on Pathway to Victory, Dr. Robert Jeffress challenges us to develop a more heavenly mindset that will do a lot of earthly good!

The Alternative

When life gets "thorny," many times our only instinct is to try to get things back to normal or comfortable. But in this lesson, Dr. Tony Evans says that God has something bigger in mind as he shows us what the thorns in our life can do besides hurt.

The Eric Metaxas Show

The Eric Metaxas Show offers compelling perspective on American culture, political life, and stories making news around the corner and across the globe.

The Georgene Rice Show

Weekdays 4 - 6 pm

Today we’ll consider the days’ headlines… take a brief look at president-elect Biden’s COVID rescue plan. We’ll also share this week’s Christian Outlook.

Thru the Bible

What happens to God’s people during the Great Tribulation? We discover that the Shepherd who began with 144,000 sheep is the Lamb. All 144,000 are with Him—not one is lost.  He redeemed them. He sealed them. He kept them. And now He’s standing with them as He begins His reign from Jerusalem. And . . .

Thru the Bible - Questions & Answers

1) Will the Antichrist be revealed before the Rapture of the church? 2) Who is Melchizedek in Hebrews 7? 3) Why did Jesus say on the cross to the Father "Why have You forsaken Me"? 4) What is the meaning of "this generation" in Matthew 24:34? 5) How did the Israelites dispose of the blood from the . . .

Thru the Bible - Sunday Sermon

Revelation 20 speaks of the thousand-year reign of Christ on the earth known as the Millennium. But it’s in the prophecies of Isaiah that we must turn to view a detailed picture of what those days will be like.

Truth For Life

The book of Proverbs offers wisdom for real-life issues—so it shouldn’t surprise us that it has a few things to say about how we express ourselves. Hear how Scripture sheds light on the effects of our words. Join us on Truth For Life with Alistair Begg.

Turning Point

When a natural disaster rocks our world, we learn to count on God as our rock-solid refuge. What else can we learn from a disaster? Dr. David Jeremiah shares several appropriate ways of responding to God in the wake of a cataclysm. 

Understanding the Times

Jan’s first guest is Dr. Erwin Lutzer. How will we respond to the soaring secularism and anti-Christianity hate that is rising? Then YouTuber Chad Thomas reminds us that this ship is sinking and we must be about our Father’s business. God will call His Church home any day. Find Lutzer’s book in our . . .


This week on ViewPoint, listen to Jim Lyon and Jay Harvey as they once again welcome Derick Grant, a former Harlem Globetrotter, who now speaks life into others. Join us!


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