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Adventures in Odyssey

Two mean-spirited girls make life miserable for Wendy Zannuck and cause a discouraged Connie to quit her job at the Timothy Center.

Bless Israel

For over 35 years, The Fellowship has worked tirelessly to help desperate Jews in Israel and around the world. With Bless Israel, your listeners will learn how they can help poor widows, orphans, Holocaust survivors, families and elderly, victims of terror and war, and those who are persecuted and oppressed.

Bob's Auto Cafe Radio

Saturdays at 9am

Join us as we venture out to talk about vehicle and spiritual maintenance. Your host, Dan Lacy, will take you down roads unexplored, keeping you informed and entertained along the way.

Pastor Rick's Daily Hope

Because Jonah doesn't get his way, he becomes resentful. And while resentment is bad against anybody, the worst kind is when you have resentment against God. Jonah gets mad at God because he doesn’t want the people of Nineveh to experience God’s forgiveness and grace, even though they’ve repented. . . .

Discover the Word

Nowadays, children’s ministries are an integral part of the local church. But during Jesus’s day, spending so much time with children was practically unheard of! Today on Discover the Word, the team considers how deep and revolutionary Jesus’s relationship with children was for His day and time. . . .

Family Talk

What does it mean to be a godly grandparent in the 21st century? On this edition of Family Talk, Dr. James Dobson answers this important question with the help of Larry Fowler, founder of the Legacy Coalition. The two men reflect on their own patriarchal roles within their families and consider the . . .

FamilyLife This Week®

Whether you are preparing to send a child off to college, or you are in the throes of planning a wedding, releasing children can be very difficult. Barbara Rainey, Susan Yates, and Bruce Johnston share how they managed this pivotal transition in their lives.

FamilyLife Today®

How do you teach your sons to respect girls? Author Vicki Courtney encourages mothers to talk to their sons about chivalry. It can’t stop there, however. Mothers and fathers should also talk to their sons about unplanned pregnancy, sexting, and porn. Sons must learn that all women should be valued . . .

Focus on the Family

Emily Colson describes the heartaches and joys of raising her son Max, who has severe autism. Emily has struggled as a single mom, but she also discovered God’s beauty and design in Max. Don’t miss this powerful and profound pro-life message.

Focus on the Family Weekend

Popular author and speaker Dr. Ravi Zacharias discusses three biblical lessons Christians must learn to remain true to God's ways while living in a post-Christian society.

Focus on the Family's Radio Theatre

Introducing "Oliver Twist", a new twist on a classic story! Escape to another place and time with this full-cast audio dramatization of the Charles Dickens' timeless story set in 1830's London. This powerful story will not only entertain you, but draw you into the timeless drama of compassion, . . .

Grace to You

As a Christian you shouldn’t be lacking direction or the power to stay on course to keep pursuing your goals. Question is, what are your goals? What should they be . . . and how do you stay energized to keep after them?

Grace to You Weekend

If you’re a Christian, there’s a supernatural joy that’s ready to go to work in your life. But it’s not automatic . . . there are steps of obedience you need to take to tap into that joy.

Insight for Living

When the history books are written about the year 2020, surely volumes will be published about the convergence of two global catastrophes. The first was caused by an insidious, deadly virus. The second was ignited by a firestorm of civil unrest. Today Pastor Chuck Swindoll addresses the cultural . . .

Jay Sekulow Live!

Logan Sekulow and Will Haynes take over JSL today to break down Joe Biden choosing Kamala Harris as his running mate in the presidential election. 

Leading The Way

On today’s Leading The Way, Dr. Youssef shows how Nehemiah faced the brokenness in his world, and how his example can help you face your struggles!

Let My People Think

Our world is filled with trials, challenges, and adversity. How can Christians share the beauty of the gospel when these tones of adversity seem to take over our conversations? Join Ravi Zacharias this week on Let My People Think as he discusses how we can learn from the life of the Biblical . . .

Love Worth Finding

Adrian Rogers says, “By your first birth you have existence. By your second birth you have supernatural life.” In this message, we look at John 3:1-7 to understand the new birth.

Ministry in the Marketplace

This week, we’ll pick up from where we left off in Part I. Also, Richard shares a challenging message from the book of 1 Thessalonians.

Pathway to Victory

Problems rarely come one at a time. They pile on one after another until it feels like you’re completely buried in a mountain of complicated issues. Well, today on Pathway to Victory, Dr. Robert Jeffress teaches how we can change ourselves from the victims of difficult circumstances … to victors . . .

Pathway to Victory

Problems rarely come one at a time. They pile on one after another until it feels like you’re completely buried in a mountain of complicated issues. Well, today on Pathway to Victory, Dr. Robert Jeffress teaches how we can change ourselves from the victims of difficult circumstances … to victors . . .

The Alternative

People spend a lot of time and effort trying to improve themselves on the inside by changing their behavior on the outside. But in this lesson, Dr. Tony Evans will explain why exactly the opposite is true. Join him for this look at how living in the presence of God can transform us.

The Eric Metaxas Show

The Eric Metaxas Show offers compelling perspective on American culture, political life, and stories making news around the corner and across the globe.

The Road to Reality - Weekend

Let’s remember that our labors and sacrifices for the Lord are not in vain. Our efforts will be rewarded whenever our motive is right, and our labor and sacrifices are for Jesus!  Scripture has much to say about rewards, and that is our topic today on the Road to Reality.

Thru the Bible

The Apostle John’s favorite word was love.  But not the sentimental, sloppy version of what we call “love.” John tells us about God’s love modeled by God’s people. In this study, learn about our need to abide in the doctrine of Christ so we can avoid false teachers. John warns us: If we entertain . . .

Thru the Bible - Questions & Answers

1) Both 1 Timothy 4:14 and 2 Timothy 1:6 seem to indicate that the laying on of hands transfers some kind of power or gift. Is that true? 2) Who created the universe--God the Father or Jesus Christ? 3) Why was the stump sealed with iron and brass bands in Daniel 4:15? 4) What are the scriptural . . .

Thru the Bible - Sunday Sermon

God is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. He is everywhere, and He indwells believers. What He does depends on what we allow Him to do through us.

Truth For Life

Today’s culture increasingly embraces the notion that there’s no such thing as right or wrong—only what’s “right for you.” Does this philosophy actually hold up to scrutiny, though? Find out when you listen to Truth For Life with Alistair Begg.

Turning Point

Physical hunger can consume every thought and desire. Should spiritual hunger be any less powerful? Dr. David Jeremiah explains why God wants His children to be hungry, spiritually speaking, and why the result is so uniquely satisfying. 

Understanding the Times

Jan’s guest is Twila Brase, health expert. Why has the free world, starting with America, allowed totalitarianism to creep in thanks to a virus? From contact tracing to potential forced vaccinations, how is the believer to handle these new challenges? We have a terrifying new world and it took just . . .


This week on ViewPoint, Jim Lyon and Jay Harvey once again welcome special guest Ben Sand, CEO and founder of The Contingent in Portland, Oregon. Tune in as they discuss The Contingent's work with foster Children. Join us!

Words to Live By

When Poh Fang first heard the gospel, she thought it was a fairy tale. But God’s truth reached deep into her soul. Discover how God changed Poh Fang’s heart, and used her to share Christ with others in a whole new way.


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