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A New Beginning

It may seem that hope is in short supply in our times of crisis. But Pastor Greg Laurie says, “Hope grows in the garden of adversity.” Tune in for A NEW BEGINNING Friday as Pastor Greg helps us find strength and direction, from the Lord Himself. It’s a reassuring edition of A NEW BEGINNING!

Adventures in Odyssey

From chicken costumes to phone scams, we hear the stories of how Bart Rathbone, Whit, and Bernard Walton met, or proposed to, their wives.

Bless Israel

For over 35 years, The Fellowship has worked tirelessly to help desperate Jews in Israel and around the world. With Bless Israel, your listeners will learn how they can help poor widows, orphans, Holocaust survivors, families and elderly, victims of terror and war, and those who are persecuted and oppressed.

Bob's Auto Cafe Radio

Saturdays at 9am

Join us as we venture out to talk about vehicle and spiritual maintenance. Your host, Dan Lacy, will take you down roads unexplored, keeping you informed and entertained along the way.

Family Talk

If you were asked to identify yourself in one word, what would it be? Parent? Spouse? American? If you’ve accepted Christ as your Savior, then that one word should be “Christian.” The late E.V. Hill, then-pastor of Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles, preached a powerful sermon at a . . .

FamilyLife This Week®

Are you too busy? Answer this question as you learn more from Joanne Kraft, Kevin DeYoung, and Hannah Anderson.

FamilyLife Today®

Our words are so important in managing our households, but sometimes our words get us in trouble.  On FamilyLife Today’s program, Chap Bettis discusses with hosts Dave and Ann Wilson the need for a strategy in the home and some practical ideas of what that can look like.

Focus on the Family

Living together before marriage—it’s a common practice today. So how can you as a parent navigate this sensitive issue with your young adult? Pastor Dave Gudgel unpacks how to discuss God’s design for marriage, as he addresses cohabitation with tact, persuasiveness, and most importantly, love.

Focus on the Family Weekend

Popular author and speaker Dr. Ravi Zacharias discusses three biblical lessons Christians must learn to remain true to God's ways while living in a post-Christian society.

Focus on the Family's Radio Theatre

In "The Magician's Nephew", the first book of "The Chronicles of Narnia", a boy and a girl are tricked into using magic rings. A beautiful and terrifying queen escapes from a dying world. A lion – the great lion Aslan – sings a new world into existence. And so Narnia is born, and already a dark . . .

Grace to You

One Christian man described his marriage as harsh, cold, and loveless. Every day, he lingered at work rather than go home to his wife. Both wanted a divorce but they remained married . . . though only to keep the vow . . . “Till death do us part.”  Well, sadly, someone you know could be facing that . . .

Grace to You Weekend

It’s a sad truth . . . the fact that even those you love most will—at times—let you down . . . and their sin will bring you hardship and pain. So how should you respond? Are there some sins you just shouldn’t—or can’t—forgive?

Insight for Living

Just after Jesus delivered the Sermon on the Mount, He walked back down the hill to find a crowd anticipating Him . . . when, suddenly, a leper appeared! Surely all the bystanders scattered from this unclean, disfigured outcast who had humbly asked Jesus for healing. With compassion, Jesus reached . . .

Jay Sekulow Live!

Jordan, Jay, and Thann are joined by Mike Pompeo and others to break down a bill being introduced in the House that would expand the Supreme Court.

Leading The Way

Dr. Youssef declares the Last Days are NOT a time to declare defeat – but an  opportunity for God’s people to stand up and be the victorious army of God!

Love Worth Finding

In Romans 3, Paul writes as a prosecuting attorney, bringing the human race before judgment in a case we could call, “God vs. Humanity.” In this message, Adrian Rogers reveals our indictment, evidence, and verdict, and explains how God justifies us as His children.

Ministry in the Marketplace

Daily, our youth are faced with some of the darkest attacks against Christian values. As brokenness surrounds them, so many are left searching for answers. Today’s guest is Charmayne Hafen. Charmayne has taken her experience in child grief counseling and has written an allegory book series called . . .

Pathway to Victory

Most Christians understand that prayer is an important part of their spiritual life. But many don’t fully understand why. If God already knows everything, then what’s the point of praying? Today on Pathway to Victory, Dr. Robert Jeffress explains how prayer relates to experiencing the power of the . . .

Pathway to Victory

Most Christians understand that prayer is an important part of their spiritual life. But many don’t fully understand why. If God already knows everything, then what’s the point of praying? Today on Pathway to Victory, Dr. Robert Jeffress explains how prayer relates to experiencing the power of the . . .

The Alternative

If your situation is serious and the odds are stacked against you… good! God has a track record for showing up when the chips are down, especially when we practice some key principles. Find out exactly what they are when in this lesson by Dr. Tony Evans.

The Eric Metaxas Show

The Eric Metaxas Show offers compelling perspective on American culture, political life, and stories making news around the corner and across the globe.

The Georgene Rice Show

Weekdays 10 pm - midnight

Today we’ll consider the days’ headlines… take a brief look at president-elect Biden’s COVID rescue plan. We’ll also share this week’s Christian Outlook.

Thru the Bible

All aboard! The Bible Bus embarks on an exciting journey through God’s entire Word, beginning in Genesis, the book of firsts. Join as we get a quick overview of families in early history and hear about their covenant with God, the altar that is built, and judgments upon their sin. 

Thru the Bible - Questions & Answers

1) Can you discuss the topic of the interpretation of Scripture? 2) Why do we use the expression "ask Jesus in your heart"? 3) If Deuteronomy 23:3 bars Moabites from the assembly of the Lord, what about Ruth? 4) Why does Ezekiel 42:20 refer to a profane place in the temple? 5) What does the Bible . . .

Thru the Bible - Sunday Sermon

Dr. McGee tells the story of how God brought Israel from slavery in Egypt to security in the land of promise on the eagle’s wings of His grace. In the same way, God also delivers us from sin.

Truth For Life

Faith means believing and obeying God’s Word. So how can we follow the examples of the men and women mentioned in Hebrews 11, who were commended for their faith? Study along with us on Truth For Life as Alistair Begg examines what it means to believe God.

Turning Point

God never promised believers an easy life; in fact, just the opposite. To make the hard times easier, He created us to connect with one another. Today, Dr. David Jeremiah continues his look at God's design for community and offers some excellent reasons not to go through life alone. 

Understanding the Times

Jan Markell and Pastor Jack Hibbs discuss the Great Re-Set, the times of the signs, the growing demonic move upon the earth, growing persecution due to our beliefs, and the fact that the curtain is setting on the final act of world history. Time is short.


This week, join Jim Lyon and Jay Harvey as they continue the series "City Parallels" exploring the parallels between ancient and modern cities.


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