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Adventures in Odyssey

A S.M.I.L.E. convention at the Timothy Center falls apart when the S.M.I.L.E. leader has a heart attack in the middle of the festivities.

Bless Israel

For over 35 years, The Fellowship has worked tirelessly to help desperate Jews in Israel and around the world. With Bless Israel, your listeners will learn how they can help poor widows, orphans, Holocaust survivors, families and elderly, victims of terror and war, and those who are persecuted and oppressed.

Bob's Auto Cafe Radio

Saturdays at 9am

Join us as we venture out to talk about vehicle and spiritual maintenance. Your host, Dan Lacy, will take you down roads unexplored, keeping you informed and entertained along the way.

Pastor Rick's Daily Hope

When you get the mind of Christ and you begin to think the way Jesus does—about your past, your present, your future, God, life, death, sin, salvation, your friends, your future, your confidence—you realize there's more to life than just here and now, and that gives you the strength to endure. When . . .

Discover the Word

Nowadays, children’s ministries are an integral part of the local church. But during Jesus’s day, spending so much time with children was practically unheard of! Today on Discover the Word, the team considers how deep and revolutionary Jesus’s relationship with children was for His day and time. . . .

Family Talk

The late Reverend Jerry Falwell, Sr. is credited with saying, “Nothing of eternal significance ever happens apart from prayer.” Today’s Family Talk broadcast looks at the impact of our petitions to God in a presentation from Pastor Jack Graham. He emphasizes what our personal and national posture . . .

FamilyLife This Week®

Does God have instructions for grandparents? Mary Larmoyeux, Nancy Downing, Josh Mulvihill, and Anne Dierks share scriptural examples and practical tips for being godly, intentional grandparents.

FamilyLife Today®

Bob Lepine's paraphrase of the words of the Apostle Paul asserts that gospel unity should always be more important, more significant, and more powerful than whatever our disagreements are about, who we’re voting for, or our views on governance. Hear the conclusion of Bob's sermon, reminding . . .

Focus on the Family

Tragically, one in every four women will experience abuse sometime in her life...and Christians aren’t excluded. We’ll offer hope and help to women who feel trapped in destructive relationships. Discover how you can break free from emotional abuse.

Focus on the Family Weekend

Popular author and speaker Dr. Ravi Zacharias discusses three biblical lessons Christians must learn to remain true to God's ways while living in a post-Christian society.

Focus on the Family's Radio Theatre

Introducing "Oliver Twist", a new twist on a classic story! Escape to another place and time with this full-cast audio dramatization of the Charles Dickens' timeless story set in 1830's London. This powerful story will not only entertain you, but draw you into the timeless drama of compassion, . . .

Grace to You

It’s been said that resistance to tyrants is obedience to God. Well, that could be true, depending on the circumstances—for example if the government commands you to do something that violates Scripture, you need to obey God, not man. But if you live in a democratic republic, like the United . . .

Grace to You Weekend

You hear the gospel and pray the sinner’s prayer. You faithfully serve your church. And you tell others about Christ. Yet one day, you stand before the God you claim to know . . . and find out, to your horror, that He doesn’t know you! How could that possibly happen?

Insight for Living

What do you do when you lose heart? When the wind goes out of your sails and your morale drops to a new low? When life has weighed you down once again and those times of encouragement and joy seem no more than a distant memory? Paul, sitting in a Roman prison and yet filled with the joy of the . . .

Jay Sekulow Live!

Today Jordan, Jay, and Thann discuss the last minute changes issued by the Debate Commission for the upcoming final Presidential Debate. 

Leading The Way

You’re sure to be encouraged as you listen to today’s Leading The Way with Dr. Michael Youssef.  Insight into what the Bible teaches about eternity.

Let My People Think

Our world is filled with trials, challenges, and adversity. How can Christians share the beauty of the gospel when these tones of adversity seem to take over our conversations? Join Ravi Zacharias this week on Let My People Think as he discusses how we can learn from the life of the Biblical . . .

Love Worth Finding

What does the Bible say about Christian citizenship? What are our responsibilities, duties, and rights? In this message, Adrian Rogers explains how we are to behave concerning politics, using Paul’s letter in Romans 13.

Ministry in the Marketplace

This week, Richard shares a challenging word from the book of Proverbs. We'll also visit with Arnold Enns, Founder/President of COICOM International. His mission is to train, equip, network, and mobilize local pastors in Latin America.

Pathway to Victory

In 2011, over a hundred million people tuned in to watch the royal wedding ceremony between Prince William and Kate Middleton. It was one of the most extravagant events in modern history! But today on Pathway to Victory, Dr. Robert Jeffress teaches about an even greater celebration to come: the . . .

Pathway to Victory

In 2011, over a hundred million people tuned in to watch the royal wedding ceremony between Prince William and Kate Middleton. It was one of the most extravagant events in modern history! But today on Pathway to Victory, Dr. Robert Jeffress teaches about an even greater celebration to come: the . . .

The Alternative

There are a lot of Christians running around who sound like they’ve experienced revival but are every bit as dead inside as ever.  Join Dr. Tony Evans as he explains that there are two parts to revival and being only half revived doesn’t get the job done.

The Eric Metaxas Show

The Eric Metaxas Show offers compelling perspective on American culture, political life, and stories making news around the corner and across the globe.

The Road to Reality - Weekend

Let’s remember that our labors and sacrifices for the Lord are not in vain. Our efforts will be rewarded whenever our motive is right, and our labor and sacrifices are for Jesus!  Scripture has much to say about rewards, and that is our topic today on the Road to Reality.

Thru the Bible

Our study of important life lessons continues as we learn from Haggai how we today can make our hearts right with God and receive His blessings.

Thru the Bible - Questions & Answers

1) Why do you quote from your own translation and then say not to use it? If it’s not good and you don’t recommend it, then why do you use it? 2) How can we make someone understand that once we’re saved we’re sealed forever? 3) Why do you say that a homosexual has to be converted, turning from . . .

Thru the Bible - Sunday Sermon

When God gave the Law for the nation Israel, He didn’t list every possible application. So then how was a person able to know what the Law was in a certain situation?  Haggai encountered such a case, and the answer he received is true for believers in our day.

Truth For Life

While pastors aren’t responsible for their flocks’ behavior, Scripture is clear that they should do everything possible to promote godliness. Learn more about Paul’s command to “present everyone mature in Christ,” on Truth For Life with Alistair Begg.

Turning Point

There’s a lot of truth in the old adage, “You can’t take it with you.” Are you guilty of pouring your life into things that are destined to die when you do? Dr. David Jeremiah makes the case for investing your life in pursuits that have eternal significance. 

Understanding the Times

Jan Markell features Michele Bachmann again this week who warns that progressives plan to do more leftist destruction in 100 days than they have done in 100 years after the November election. Believers are pushing back against this darkness. While the Left is proud of evil, Christians are proud of . . .


This week on ViewPoint, Jim Lyon and Jay Harvey once again welcome special guest, Jeremy Patzer. Tune in as they talk with Jeremy about Canada, religious liberty, and personal faith. Join us!

Words to Live By

When Poh Fang first heard the gospel, she thought it was a fairy tale. But God’s truth reached deep into her soul. Discover how God changed Poh Fang’s heart, and used her to share Christ with others in a whole new way.


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