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Thru the Bible - Questions & Answers with Dr. J. Vernon McGee

Thru the Bible -  Questions & Answers with Dr. J. Vernon McGee

About Thru the Bible - Questions & Answers

Questions and Answers offers Dr. J. Vernon McGee's signature wit and wisdom in answering Bible questions sent to him by radio listeners throughout his years of ministry.

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1) What is the difference between the terms "ransom," "propitiation," "reconciliation," and "substitution"? 2) Is it wrong to ask forgiveness for our sins? 3) What do you mean by knowing Christ intimately? 4) Is Romans 12:1-2 for all Christians? 5) Does Acts 8:12-17 teach that baptism is necessary for salvation? 6) Could the Hebrew word often translated as "jealous" be translated as "zealous"? 7) Could you clarify your position on the pre-Tribulation Rapture in light of Revelation 20:4-5?

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