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Thru the Bible -  Questions & Answers with Dr. J. Vernon McGee

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Questions and Answers offers Dr. J. Vernon McGee's signature wit and wisdom in answering Bible questions sent to him by radio listeners throughout his years of ministry.

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1) What does the Bible teach about self-defense when being attacked? 2) Could you explain how you define "modern nation" when you're speaking of Russia? 3) How can the dead be raptured? 4) If David sinned when he numbered the people why were the people punished? 5) Can a Christian lose their salvation? 6) What is a backsliding Christian? 7) How important is it to fellowship with other Christians? 8) How important is it to attend worship services? 9) Do you suggest we go to a liberal church if there are no other choices around us? 10) How can you tell if what you hear is from the Word of God or someone’s opinion? 11) How does one know you are doing God’s will?

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