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The Abolition of Absolution

We are the generation dictators desired, without values enough to resist, without history enough to defend, without truth enough to reason… without conscience.

Go Ahead and Cry, Baby

The Man of Sorrows knew we would have sorrow and so He sent the Comforter. For those who mourn. Not the concealers, never-feelers, and nerves of steelers.

Hard Things at Homecoming

It’s homecoming in Texas! And for you coastals, yankees, and otherwise normal humans…it’s a thing. And I’m not saying it’s a good thing. I’m just saying, it’s a thing. Sometimes it is even a God-thing. Here’s how…

Hurricane Idalia

Encouragement for my Salty Friends on the coast. Praying His mercies over you.

7 Things the Bible Does

God has never had to change a definition or regretted a word choice. He has never had to walk back one…

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