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The Red Hands of Passover

On that first Passover, obedience to God required making homes marked and discernibly different from the rest. Doesn’t it still?

Happy New Year!!

Where do we get this idea that God’s plans for us include starting strong and finishing poorly? Think of every person in the Bible that waited until the turn of a calendar year to be who God called them to be, to do what God called them to do. “Yes, Lord! …In January.”

Come Let Us Adore Him!

Let there be a gap between what your soul needed and the world provided. And then, REFUSE to try to fill it with stuff.

Best. Gift. Ever.

You cannot box this up or tie it with ribbons, something so grand requires no trappings or wrappings. Just this…

You Need to Know This Today

If no one else has told you, allow me—and do receive this as the salty but loving encouragement it is intended to be. You are not enough. Here’s why…

Risen with Healing in His Wings

Surely, we can offer a modicum of grace to our family, friend, co-worker, or a stranger—those who merely inconvenience and irritate—even our enemies. Here’s why…

Star of Wonder

The wise men weren’t the only ones to see the star. They were just the ones WILLING TO FOLLOW IT.

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