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What is the Bible?

What is the Bible? Not a rhetorical question. I’ve been in ministry twenty-plus years, you’d be surprised how Christians answer that question. You’d be more surprised how many don’t answer that question and just shrug. Is it an instruction manual, a book, daily bread, oil for a lamp, weird stories with wise sayings? It’s

The Early Deconstruction Era

To the deconstructor who simply found life more alluring, sin more savory, or faithfulness a source of fatigue and frustration and thus denounced Christ in authenticity or authority, REPENT. To everyone else…

A Holy Hard Pass

Why do we allow ourselves to assume the postures and positions of the guilty or condemned when such a precious price has been paid to make us free? Be done. Gonna be a hard pass here.

Fear Not… For Real.

Believer. You are a child of the Most-High God. Pride in being so greatly affected, by so very little… has no place in your heart, mind, mouth, or habits. Build a bridge. Get thee over it.

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