Difference Makers

DifferenceMakers, 1pm Friday, Saturday, & Monday on True Talk 800 + 1pm Saturday on 93.9 KPDQ. "Straight Talk with Gary Randall" airs 12:30pm weekdays on 93.9 KPDQ-FM starting this Monday! Gary shares his heart, history, and pastor's perspective on addressing today's issues biblically. Then, more from Southwest Bible Church Pastor Scott Gilchrist on music and his personal routine from the beloved host of "Downtown Bible Class" and "Southwest Bible Sunday Morning!"


Who better to hear from on Easter weekend than Southwest Bible Church Pastor Scott Gilchrist? Learn more about serving, congregating, Luis Palau stories, and why we shouldn't be afraid from the beloved host of Downtown Bible Class and Southwest Bible Sunday Morning.  

Steve Shwetz serves as Vice Chairman of the Board and Announcer for Thru the Bible with Dr. J. Vernon McGee, part of the KPDQ family since 1967! "The Bible Bus" launches its 11th cycle through the Bible on April 2. Steve shares about Dr. McGee, Global Impact, their World Prayer Team, Pastor Chuck Swindoll, growing up, his faith, working with family, real estate, & how you can post your "Why I Love the Bible" video through March!
Why I Love the Bible - Steve Shwetz

"Depression doesn't have to be a way of life."Ben Courson + Hope Generation. The Senior Pastor of Applegate Christian Fellowship shared about fighting depression, growing up, his dad, overcoming tragedy, trusting God, finding hope, his new book, "Flirting with Darkness," & more!
May be a black-and-white image of 1 person

"How many of you would trust a friend that lied to you as much as your emotions do? Sometimes you have to fight for what you don't feel. And that's what hope is all about." - Ben Courson  

Judge Tom Kohl explained "The Ripple Effect," Paid in Full Oregon's special online event from 7-8 pm Pacific on Thursday, March 11. He shares about how God can turn tragedy into triumph, grieving the loss of his daughter, finding forgiveness for her murderer, writing "Losing Megan: Finding Hope, Comfort and Forgiveness in the Midst of Murder," his faith, answered prayers, redeeming adults in custody, and more.


"John" from the nonprofit group Silent Bridge shared about rescuing people from human trafficking, how it is affected by the pandemic, educating ourselves, contributing, his faith, and how God called his team to launch this ministry to empower people with safe havens, food, and technical job training!


"You're just as attractive, smart, and capable as everyone else." Author Emily Hibard of Hibard Group Los Angeles wants you to know all about "Starting Your Nonprofit: Oregon," Honor Project DocumentaryIdle Tuesdays Recording StudioUniversity of Oxford, Asuza Pacific University, California State University, Northridge, Recording Academy / GRAMMYs, Hoving Home, pursuing what you enjoy, being ready, identity, faith, countering bad with good, freeing women from the sex industry, and more!
Author Tony Roberts' new audiobook is "When Despair Meets Delight: Stories to Cultivate Hope for Those Battling Mental Illness" (now available on Amazon/Audible). He shared about mental health, faith, how God used his last visit to the hospital to reach someone in need, and more!

Pastors John Rosensteel & Denise Douglas shared about combining forces with the new New Hope Church which launched on Sunday, February 14thgleaning from Willamette Christian ChurchKevin Palau and Rick McKinley, and more. What is a "church merger," and how might the idea help you? What is "The Bonhoeffer Test"? New Hope Church will now meet at the former location of Mt. Scott Church of God.

Pastor Kyle Mitchell shared about launching Verbatim Church Sunday, February 7th at the Heritage Mall in Albany! Discover how and why the church formerly known as Dever-Conner Calvary Chapel is moving, why "church" is a verb, how to pick church names, pandemic experiences, and more!

Simple Faith Calvary Chapel Pastor Bill Henry shared about meeting, talents, racism, punk rock, meeting his wife working for "The Word For Today" with Pastor Chuck Smith, Greg Laurie, if God has any grandchildren, cancel culture, sanctification, hosting "Simple Faith" 7:30am Saturdays & 8:30am Sundays on 93.9 KPDQ, & more!  

Pastors Terry McNabb and Josh Adams shared about meeting, mentoring, the need for rest, leaving something good to obey God's calling, how pastors can help each other, how we can lift them up, Poimen Ministries, Fruitland Community Church, and more!

Daniel Lacy hosts "Bob's Auto Cafe Radio" 9am Saturdays on True Talk 800. The non-profit group's Director of Mission and Founder shares about serving others, cars, training, jobs, race cars, family, and hosting a radio show. The ministry is relocating in the Portland area. If you have a good new location to offer, please email [email protected].

Jessica Peterson shared about how God makes beauty from ashes, mentoring youth, dreams, treating people well, retail, law enforcement, music, athletics, following God's lead, family, Western Oregon University, walking in faith, and serving as North Community Director with Young Life.

Free Christmas Light Shows! As heard on Difference Makers and The Georgene Rice Show:

Dr. Michelle Margiotta shared about writing "The Language of Music, An Introduction to the Basics of Music Theory," teaching at Lipscomb University, Times Square Church, David Wilkerson, Lee University, Kathy Troccoli, Kathie Lee Gifford, concerts vs. worship, faith, big Italian family, Smithtown Gospel Tabernacle, & more! Enjoy a free online Christmas Concert 6pm Sunday, December 13th, with Renewal Ministries Northwest!
"The Language of Music, An Introduction to the Basics of Music Theory" Book, CDs  
Twitter.com/DrMooshMusic Instagram.com/MichelleMargiotta
Renewal Ministries  

Rick Adams shared about about family, faith, videogames, growing up, grandparenthood, Young Life, bookstores, music, ministry during a pandemic, and Rainbow West Christian Supply stores in Beaverton by TJ Maxx, Gresham on Burnside Road, Salem by Target, and at Vancouver Mall!

Facebook - Rainbow West Beaverton
Facebook - Rainbow West Gresham 
Facebook - Rainbow West Salem 
Facebook - Rainbow West Vancouver Mall 
Facebook - Satellite Gaming    

Stacey Womack founded Abuse Recovery Ministry & Services -ARMS, and Stacey shared about overcoming fears, serving during a pandemic, shepherding, obeying God even when it doesn't make sense, discerning God's will versus your own, justice, mercy, her faith, writing "Escape from Nowhere," and more!
AbuseRecovery.org receives proceeds from her book sales! Facebook.com/AbuseRecovery 

Bess Wills hosts great events for SnowCap Community Charities' Fill-A-Bag  at Gresham Ford! Find out how you can help stop hunger.

Tara Rolstad (speaker, author, advocate, and comedian with "Mental Health at the Mic") shared about #MentalHealth, kids' anxiety, talking about suicide, faith, family, parenting, fostering, helping organizations and churches talk about mental health, elderly relatives, how the church can help, Lake Grove Presbyterian Church, and more. She and Gina Perkins hosted a "Caretaker's Course" Thursday, October 29th!
Caretaker's Course 6pm PST Thursday 10/29/2020 on Zoom 

Friday & Saturday, October 23-24th: Author Josh McDowell shared about writing, where his royalties go, coming to faith while trying to disprove it, mentoring, and speaking at this virtual conference. The Ambassadors Forum host Roy Swart has more details on the online event and his radio ministry 9:30am Saturdays on True Talk 800.

Author Gina M Perkins shared about #MentalHealth, faith, family, parenting, why she's glad she listened to a 15 year old boy, panic versus anxiety, how to find a therapist, resources like NAMI, Leanne Sype, Tara Rolstad, and the book she co-wrote with her daughter, "Katie Not Afraidy."

Author Brenda Scott's new book is "Adoption: Your Questions Answered." She shared about a family of 5 kids she carried and adopted, meeting husband Karry, faith, birth order, misconceptions about adopting at birth, hairdresser wisdom, fostering, adoptive parenting in a lockdown, Seattle, trauma, mental health, Portland State University, Powellhurst Baptist Church, University of Oregon, and more!


Author Tony Roberts' new book is "When Despair Meets Delight: Stories to Cultivate Hope for Those Battling Mental Illness." He shared about his memoir of a minister with a mental illness and a model for mental health ministry, and also about faith, battling stigmas, attending Hanover College with Woody Harrelson, Louisville Seminary, meeting wife Susan, working with Leann Sype, Christina Tarabochia, Veronica Johnson, Nicole Miller, and more!

Lead Pastor David Case united forces to help during the wildfires with Northwest Christian Church (in Newberg, McMinnville, & Tigard). He also shared about his faith, meeting wife Julie, baseball, Ozark Bible College, attending then teaching and coaching at Newberg High School, George Fox University, serving others (community kitchens, American Red Cross, World Vision USA, Love INC Newberg, Chehalem Youth and Family Services...), and what to do when you're weary.
To help in Newberg, check the website MyNW.cc, or call 503-538-3104.
northwestlive.online.church (Watch the live stream every Thursday at 6:30pm, and every Sunday morning at 8:00, 9:30 and 11:00am.)

Roy Swart hosts the new program "the Ambassadors Forum" every Saturday morning at 9:30 on True Talk 800! This MIT engineer and scientist answers tough questions on the Bible and science, and invites you to the West Coast Apologetics Conference by The Ambassadors Forum October 23-24, featuring Josh McDowell!

Sunday, September 13th: Lead Pastor Vergil Brown held the very first service of Redemption Church, launching at 4pm on Sunday, September 13th in NE Portland (sharing the Berean Baptist Church location at 4822 N Vancouver Avenue in the Albina area). He shared about meeting wife Kelsey, parenting during a pandemic, Seattle Seahawks at Northwest University, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Cornerstone Church, Gresham Bible Church, Hinson Baptist Church, race, hope, and more!

"Stay in the lane and pursue the vision that God's given you, and then..." - #TheDadWhisperer host Dr. Michelle Watson Canfield shared about getting married for the first time, the Abba Project, parents and children, and her new book from Bethany House Nonfiction, "Let's Talk: Conversation Starters for Dads and Daughters."

"Plant me where You want me." - John Fortmeyer. The Publisher and Editor of Christian News Northwest newspaper shared about being a twin, the church that moved into his neighborhood, finding his faith, Seattle Pacific University, meeting wife Sandy, working in secular and Christian media, the pandemic, hosting family, and how long it takes to drive a moving truck to Georgia and back!

Roy Swart, hosts the new program "the Ambassadors Forum," coming soon to True Talk 800 Saturday mornings at 9:30! This MIT engineer and scientist answers tough questions on the Bible and science, and invites you to The Ambassadors Forum Apologetics Virtual Conference October 23-24!

Daniel Lacy hosts the new program "Bob's Auto Cafe Radio," on True Talk 800 Saturday mornings at 9! He serves as Director of Mission Development and Founder of Bob's Auto Cafe.

Lead Pastor Al Fredrich shared about growing up, Pastor Chuck Smith, the impact of Christian radio, his faith, meeting his wife, family, seeing and showing God's love through today's crises, how a casino became Calvary Chapel Longview​, and a special word for us all.

New Lead Pastor Kara Johnsson shared about joining Oasis Christian Center, her time at Sunnyside Seventh-day Adventist Church, growing up as a missionary kid in New Guinea, life in Australia, finding her faith, family, getting her doctorate at George Fox University, staying connected to the community during the COVID-10 pandemic, meeting and marrying Dr. Terry Johnsson, and more!

Terra & Jeff Mattson shared about their faith, pandemic parenting, meeting at Seattle Pacific University, Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott, George Fox University, My Courageous Girls, LIVING WHOLEHEARTED, LLC, & the InCourage Gathering rescheduled through the end of July. This new women's conference bridges the gap between biblical truth & clinical wisdom on the issues that plague every woman today, with authors & keynote speakers Terra Mattson, Katherine Wolf of Hope Heals, & Kathy Towne... worship with Joi Hailey & Olivia Pothoff ... 40+ breakout speakers including Dr. Michelle Watson, Joy Roberts & Julie Widman of Joy of It, Bo Stern-Brady, Ebony Clarke, Tristen Collins, & Dr. Sheri Keffer. It's for any woman ready to be loved, known, rooted, & courageous. Jeff & Terra are also co-authoring "Shrinking the Integrity Gap," and you can help!

Pest Lock, Inc. President Scott Sneer shared about family, faith, foster children, Eugene Bible CollegeMannahouse Church, serving the community during the pandemic and racial tensions, where he met wife Tiffany, parenthood, mentoring, how Duct Tape Patriot helps veterans, free inspections, and how you can help bring hope the to the Northwest with Live Love NW and Miracle Miles!

Dr. LaSondra Barnes helps women discover their purpose, embrace their identity, and engage their faith tenaciously with her empowerment company, Royal One Enterprise. LaSondra shared about life coaching, Warner Pacific University, Michigan State University, Gospel Choir days, Western Seminary, George Fox University, New Skills Academy USA, growing up, family, faith, race relations, and her book, "Rejected to Accepted: Learning to Love Myself After Adversity." #BlackoutBestsellerList #BlackPublishingPower

"If you never have a test, you never have a testimony."
- LaSondra Barnes

Lead Pastor Denise Douglas shared about the vision of Mt. Scott Church of God, helping the community during the COVID-10 pandemic, Neighbor to Neighbor, Embrace Oregon - An Every Child Oregon Initiative, Western Seminary, Gulf Coast Bible College, meeting and marrying Fred, parenthood, finding her faith, family, relationships, hosting interviews on YouTube and more!

Former "Revive" host and Calvary Chapel of Portland Pastor Terry McNabb discussed vision, how Poimen Ministries strengthens pastors to build stronger churches, common pressures and struggles they share, the need to avoid isolation, and how the church can better address the current climate, needs, and differences. Need help, pastors? Email Terry at [email protected]

Adventist Health's Dr. Terry Johnsson serves on the front lines during the COVID-19 pandemic at work, at home, across the community, and at church. He shared about working with 3 United States presidents, reaching out to others with his wife Pastor Kara Johnsson, Jonathan Russell, Sunnyside Seventh-day Adventist Church, and more. About racism? #EnoughIsEnough

Christian Chefs International President Ira Krizo shared about serving the public during the COVID-19 pandemic. Alumni Jordan Fisher and Morgan Georgioff talked about Christian Culinary Academy, Jim Krieg, Graham Kerr, Chef Leo, Chef Lissette, The LORD's Traveling Table, Seattle's Union Gospel Mission, CRISTA Ministries, Compass Group, Disney, Peru, and more!

Pastor Randy Butler discussed providing hope during the COVID-19 pandemic, volunteering with Oregon Youth Authority, golf, Jesus Life, Gospel Grit, Jesus Over Jerusalem, reopening Oregon, serving at Salem Evangelical Church, and more!

Deborah Cline shared about meeting the needs of Native Americans in our community, being a pastor's kid of the late Don Cline, providing hope during the COVID-19 pandemic, how you can help, and hosting "The Voice of First Nation Ministries" on 93.9 KPDQ​ 1pm weekdays, 7:15am Saturdays, & 7pm Sundays (plus weeknights at 6 on True Talk 800​).

Tyler Wright (CEO / President of the YMCA of Columbia-Willamette) shared about reaching lives during COVID-19 restrictions, Portland Good Friday Breakfast, staying fit while at home, free online resources, basketball, and more! plans for the future, and more!
Email [email protected].

Ashley Barnes shared about how Sail2Change serves youth in our community at home despite COVID-19 restrictions on their sailing and wilderness activities, plus the outreach's plans for the future.

Director of Marketing Mike Deckon shared about being on the front lines to serve our community, feed the hungry, share hope, and bless others with God's unrelenting and transformative love through Portland Rescue Mission, The Harbor, Shepherd's Door, their Burnside Shelter, Drive Away Hunger / Car Sales and Donations, and more!

Major Bobby Lloyd described being on the front lines to meet the physical and spiritual needs of our community, feeding the hungry, sharing hope, drive-thru food service, social distancing, providing seniors with to-go meals, and reaching others during the COVID-19 pandemic with The Salvation Army Portland Metro!

Senior Pastor Pierre Rosa shared about hope, Turning Point with Dr. David JeremiahShadow Mountain Community Church, and leaving San Diego for Grace Baptist Church in Salem, Oregon. Hear about reaching out to others, parenting, and family time when you can't leave home, plus his faith, marriage, dog, jiu jitsu, and more!
GBCSalem.org streams live 10:45am Sundays! 
Amazon.com "Unveiling God's Plan for Humanity" 
Pastor Pierre shares about the new book on Facebook. 

JOI Friendzy
co-founders Joy Roberts & Julie Widman shared hope, practical advice, and free resources for parents and kids, especially in the midst of COVID-19.


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Show Links:

About Mike Lee

Mike Lee is privileged to have an amazing wife, 4 lively kids, a great family, a vibrant church, dear friends, and the opportunity to work in broadcasting. God led Mike through various (often bizarre) moves even before his days at WMCA and WWDJ in New York, which eventually prepared him to become Director of Local Ministries at KPDQ, The Fish, and El Rey. Raised in the church by good parents, Mike was blessed to come to own his own faith after God saw him through a season of questions and struggles. Experience with a variety of ministries has revealed that either we tell people to be more like ourselves, or we encourage them to be more like Christ. May the examples set by our Difference Makers always point back to God.

Guest Links and Contact Info

Impact Your Health Portland Clinic Co-Coordinator Brenda Duerksen & Oregon Conference of Seventh-day Adventists friend Jonathan Russell shared about the free Impact Your Health Portland 2020 Free Clinic at Portland Adventist Academy IT IS CURRENTLY ON-HOLD as per their website... it was originally scheduled fof Friday, March 27th, & Sunday, March 29th!
Will you volunteer? Would you like more info?

Author Emily Hibard shared about growing up, father-daughter relationships, reaching out, faith, Hibard Group Los Angeles, and her Honor Project Documentary film!

POSTPONED: InCourageGathering.com - 
Terra Mattson shared about her faith, meeting & working with husband Jeff, parenting, Seattle Pacific University, Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott, George Fox University, My Courageous Girls, LIVING WHOLEHEARTED, LLC, & InCourage 2020: Let's Talk About It will be rescheduled at Rolling Hills Community Church. This new women's conference bridges the gap between biblical truth & clinical wisdom on the issues that plague every woman today, with authors & keynote speakers Terra Mattson, Katherine Wolf, & Kathy Towne... worship with Joi Hailey & Olivia Pothoff... 40+ breakout speakers including Dr. Michelle Watson, Joy Roberts & Julie Widman of Joy of It, Bo Stern-Brady, Ebony Clarke, Tristen Collins, & Dr. Sheri Keffer. It's for any woman ready to be loved, known, rooted, & courageous.

MarriageTeam Coaching Founder Al Ray invited you to US Digital Outreach Center for Marriage Coach Training March 14, 15, 21, & 22, 2020! CONFIRMED as of Friday afternoon, 3/13/2020, check with Marriage Team directly for the most updated info.

Tim Gillespie shared about faith, learning young, open theism, 3 years between dates with his eventual wife, Troutdale, Blue Star Donuts, family, & speaking at the FREE #FirstFriday event at Adventist Medical Center in Portland on March 6th!
CrosswalkVillage.com streams live services Saturdays at 9am, 10:30am, & noon.

Western Seminary Women's Center for Ministry Director Phyllis Bennett & speaker Robin Mounce shared about the "ARISE: Ignite Compassion" 2020 Women's Conference at Cedar Mill Bible Church Saturday, March 7th, with Georgene Rice, keynote speaker Bethany Allen, The Joy of Dance, Lisa Reiff, The Brown Sisters of Portland, breakout labs (led by experts including Sandy Snavely, Karen Howells, Joy of It's Joy Roberts & Julie Widman, MaryAnn Noack, Western Seminary friends...), and more! Tickets will be available at the door Saturday morning!

Friday, February 7th
: Troy Price
shared about family, faith, music, marriage, parenthood, being an Elder at Sharon Seventh-Day Adventist Church, serving as Assistant Police Chief for Vancouver, & speaking at the FREE #FirstFriday event at Adventist Medical Center in Portland!

February 8th & 9th:  Emmanuel Church First Lady D'Angeloa Wells & Senior Pastor Dr. C.T. Wells shared about growing up together as kids before seeing each other differently in college, faith, family, Crystal Thornton of 104.1 The Fish, & "Matters of the Heart," a weekend for women February 8th & 9th!
Event Details

Tyler Wright shared about moving to Oregon, becoming the new CEO / President of the YMCA of Columbia-Willamette, wrestling, ballroom dancing, acting, faith, fatherhood, saving lives, and more! Email questions and suggestions to [email protected].

Friday, December 3rd, Dr. Terry Johnsson spoke at Adventist Medical Center's "First Friday"!

Clackamas County Chief Deputy District Attorney John Wentworth shared about growing up, family, education, advocating, and more.

You can help feed neighbors through Oregon's largest food pantry,
SnowCap Community Charities! Learn more about Fill-A-Bag, parenting, community, and more from Executive Director Kirsten Wageman & Eastside Theater Company Board Chair Alan Cohen!

Operations Manager Jeff Yellott, Nativity Pageant Costume Coordinator Delores Mathews, Managing Editor Catey Hinkle, & Design Team Member Azaria Charles shared about Christmas on the Campground Friday, Saturday, & Sunday (the 13th, 14th, & 15th) at Apostolic Faith Church of Portland, Oregon! It's a FREE event with train rides, thousands of lights, a hayride, awesome light displays, a live Nativity play by their Sunday School students, cookies, cocoa, live Christmas music, a petting zoo, Curly the Camel, and more! If you want to check out their regular church services, just listen live Sundays at 11:00am on 93.9 KPDQ!

Celebrity Bell Ringing at Pioneer Courthouse Square was Thursday, December 12th! See Georgene Rice from 93.9 KPDQ (11am-noon), then Chris & Crystal from 104.1 The Fish (1-2pm)! Major Robert Lloyd of The Salvation Army Portland Metro shared about social services, food pantries, shelters, youth programs, the military, marriage, parenting, fostering, helping neighbors in need, and more!  #PDXKettle

Leah Brown Harrison & 
Dorcas Brown Smith shared about family, faith, music, being pastor's kids and pastor's grandkids, parenting, Aaron Meyer, Concert Rock ViolinistSouthLake ChurchLife Change ChurchMannahouse Church & Mannahouse Christian Academy, & Kanye West, plus an update on Dorcas' son, Joseph! The Brown Sisters of Portland performed at the free #FirstFriday event on December 6th at Adventist Medical Center in Portland!

Wednesday, November 27th, Downtown Bible Class host Pastor Scott Gilchrist of Southwest Bible Church & hundreds celebrated Luis Palau's 85th birthday at the Portland Art Museum with music by Georgene Rice & Dawna Stutzman!

November 15 & 16,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) engineer and scientist Roy Swart hosted a wonderful  Spotlight Christian Apologetics Conference, Portland Oregon - 2019 at Cedar Mill Bible Church! 

Revive Ministries founders Melissa Campbell and our own Summer Shore shared about family, identity, and building up women in Christ with Kara Deal at "Girls Night Out: Know Your Worth" Saturday, November 9th, at 7pm at Northwest Christian Church - Tigard Campus!

November 1st, Vice Principal Drechelle McCray of Sharon Seventh-Day Adventist Church, served as the keynote speaker at the free #FirstFriday event at Adventist Medical Center in Portland, where she also directed the Portland Adventist Academy Gospel Choir!

Mike Lötter, Conrad Leichner, & Jan Leichner shared about Eco Ministry, the Jesus Film Project, Campus Crusade for Christ in South Africa, and more!

Pastor Derek Isaksen and Stephen Ministry Leader Bonnie Chalmers shared about how you and your church can equip people to minister to the hurting!
Stephen Ministry Workshop October 19th

Tyndale House Publishers author Heidi St. John, The Busy Mom visited along with Melissa Crabtree & Katie Baker to share about identity, fellowship, and more! Women and girls ages 14 and up attended the #FaithThatSpeaks19 event on faith and culture Saturday in Vancouver, WA!

Al Egg shared about how to be #TooBlessedToBeStressed,  what happens when you follow God, the FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes), & serving as a chaplain for the Portland State Vikings as he did for the Portland Beavers & Portland Trail Blazers! Al was the keynote speaker at the free #FirstFriday event on October 4th at Adventist Medical Center in Portland, with music from the Sunnyside Seventh-day Adventist Church Praise Band! (Photo credit to Corban University)

Music Box Angels
Faye Kircher

Rick Johnson
& Justin Farrell shared about the Better DadsShe’s My Girl, He’s My Dad” one day Conference, Saturday, September 28th, at Camp Withycombe.

Katie Linfoot, Carol James, & Sue Wilson shared about PACS (Portland Adventist Community Services), the Gateway Grace Clinic, food pantries, thrift stores, volunteers, & more!
September 9 Ribbon Cutting Facebook Event

At the September 6th event at Adventist Medical Center in Portland - Preacher's kid Shelly Trumbo shared about developing and leading innovative and transformative initiatives for Adventist Health, reaching the poor, impacting lives, and speaking at the free #FirstFriday!

New Life Christian Center of Milwaukie Pastor Ed Grant, Igniter Ministries founder Dennis Foote, & volunteer Cheryl Richardson shared about Saturate USA, , and how you and your local church can help spread the Gospel to 60 million households by the end of 2020!

Pro freestyle skateboard legend Tim Byrne shared about serving as a pastor at Skate Church (which isn't a church), meeting and marrying Liz (who worked with our stations), growing up, finding God, traveling the world, the Luis Palau Association, The Bible Project's Tim Mackie (on wheels), & more!

Friday, August 16th - "Gospel Sing LIVE!"...Wes Hampton (of The Gaither Vocal Band)... Tribute Quartet (including Gary Casto)... & The Booth Brothers (including Paul Lancaster), celebrated the 50th anniversary of "Gospel Sing" on 93.9 KPDQ at Riverfront City Park in Salem, Oregon!
"Gospel Sing LIVE!" Facebook event to share

Booth Brothers.com

For info on free summer meals in Oregon for kids 1-18:

Good times chatting with Julia Harrison from Promotions and her mom, Kathy Harrison, who share about finding God, serving others, wellness, music, free meals, & how we can impact those around us no matter what. Kathy is also North Clackamas Schools Volunteer Coordinator, and you may have seen Julia working at our stations' promotional events! Julia leads "Restoration Wellness" 6:30-7:30 Monday nights at Destiny Christian Fellowship's church office, at 4103 SE International Way, Suite 305, in Milwaukie, OR 97222. This all-age, women only group prays together, supports each other on their health journeys, and dance and work out to Christian music.
Julia's Instagram is: Positivity.Joy.Strength
- Kathy's dance friends.

Zach & Cammie Elliott shared about growing up in Oregon, meeting, marrying, leading the former Hillside Church in Newberg, their big move to Florida, launching VU VI VO Ministries & "LAB: The Podcast," plus the new book Zach wrote with Rebecca Sandberg, “NOW I SEE: An Invitation to Life to the Full”!

First Friday - July 5th: Joni Bovill & Kirk Bovill shared about their upbringing, music, athletics, comedy, leaving the tech industry, marriage, becoming actors and founding Elmo Records, sharing the love of Christ in Hollywood, pursuing what you really love, & speaking at the free #FirstFriday event at Adventist Medical Center in Portland!

Andrey Ivanov shared about the nonprofit group Flash Love, building relationships to transform our communities, and showing compassion to the least of those around us. What are today's youth are really doing, and why? Plus, traffic talk with Clarke & Mike!
Aspen Meadow Band members Bill Gaynor (pastor of Aspen Meadow Church), David Newell, Anna Senn, & Matt Senn discussed their music, serving others, Hearts in Harmony, Berklee College of Music, & their FREE ADMISSION event to benefit Mother & Child Education Center Saturday, June 15th, at the Aspen Meadow Amphitheater in Colton!
Facebook event "Tractors, Trucks, & Teddy Bears: Dreamin' with Your Boots On"
Hearts in Harmony

Billy Jacinto shared about finding hope in Christ despite his past as a gang member and drug user who served 16 years in prison. Now a union carpenter involved with IRC - Immanuel's Reformed Church, Salem, OR, Billy spoke at the free #FirstFriday event on June 7th at Adventist Medical Center in Portland!
Swinerton Builders

Campus Pastor Jason Bunse & Athey Creek Christian Fellowship Pastor Brett Meador shared about Athey Creek Salem, a new church community that launched at Corban University's Psalm Center on June 2nd!

Dr. Richard Gardner shared about Firm Foundation in Christ Ministries' Saturday morning event, coming to faith, Wycliffe Bible Translators USA, Western Seminary, Cedar Mill Bible Church, missions work, Ethiopia, family, & more!

May 9th: The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention - Oregon Chapter's Ryan Price discussed our mutual friend Ana Maddox, Athey Creek Christian Fellowship, & "Soul Shop" (an important workshop coming to West Portland UMC) May 9th!

May 18th, the Stomp Out Abuse 5k/10k Run & Walk comes to Evergreen Christian Center: Founder/Executive Director Stacey Womack & Development Director Jerry Womack shared about life, faith, family, seeking and following God's direction, homeschooling their 6 kids, serving at Abuse Recovery Ministry & Services -ARMS, and more!
Stomp Out Abuse 5k/10k Run & Walk May 18th

Check out "Pray Big," the latest book from Truth For Life with Alistair Begg! truthforlife.org/praybig! Alistair Begg shared about the book, family, prayer, & more!

Friday, May 3rd:
Amy Barnes Comedy Show came to Tigard Christian Church, presented by the ladies of 93.9 KPDQ & 104.1 The Fish and their "Best Day Ever" podcast! Amy Barnes' comedy is fun and accessible to women at all stages of life and at any place in their spiritual journey with KPDQ’s Georgene Rice & Summer Shore, plus Kat Taylor & Crystal Thornton from The Fish, then fellowship, photos, & free dessert, sponsored by Lugano Café and Catering! 

Saturday (5/4), Crossroads Women's Ministry - Vancouver, WA Women's Conference hosted a Priscilla Shirer simulcast at Crossroads Community Church!

Sunnyside Seventh-day Adventist Church Associate Pastor Kara Johnsson shared about how her life is proof that God is with you even through life's darkest moments, surviving a near-death car accident, God saving her for a purpose, leaving Australia, marrying Dr. Terry Johnsson (from 104.1 The Fish), & more. See Dr. Kara speak at the free #FirstFriday event at Adventist Medical Center in Portland!

May 4th: Newberg High School Senior Project - Suicide Awareness 5K 

May 9th: "Soul Shop" for Faith Leaders - Ministering to Faith Communities Affected by Suicide

Fundraising Bootcamp: Ron Frey, Greg Moon, & Fred Douglas!

Good Friday Breakfast welcomed keynote speaker John O'Leary - Live Inspired. After barely surviving burns on 100% of his body at age nine, John now brings the hope of Christ around the world. We heard about his family, faith, and how to live! YMCA of Columbia-Willamette also brought the music of Dorcas Smith of The Brown Sisters of Portland to the Oregon Convention Center April 19th!
Click on this amazing video!

Adventist Health
's Dr. Terry Johnsson (from 104.1 The Fish) shared about trusting God, traveling, meeting wife Kara, discerning, & more at the free #FirstFriday event at Adventist Medical Center in Portland April 5th!

Owners Scotty and Nathan from Bloom Pest Control and Home Services shared about life, family, faith, and business, along with Project Manager Louanne and Marketing Manager Danielle!

Western Seminary Women's Center for Ministry Director Phyllis Bennett & speaker Robin Mounce shared about the Ignite the Wonder 2019 women's conference at Greater Portland Bible Church Saturday, March 2nd, with Georgene Rice, keynote speaker Karen Howells, Bethany Feil, The Joy of Dance, Lisa Reiff & a citywide united worship team, 20 breakout labs (led by experts including Joy of It's Joy Roberts & Julie Widman, Sandy Snavely, Bethany Allen, MaryAnn Noack, Western Seminary friends...), and more!
♫ The 93.9 KPDQ/True Talk 800 table gave away tickets to Gospel Sing LIVE!

Todd Miles of Western Seminary shared about faith, family, Cru, & his latest book, "Superheroes Can’t Save You: Epic Examples of Historic Heresies."

Friday Night, 3/1/19: YMCA Camp Collins Chaplain Curtis Young of YMCA of Columbia-Willamette will share about how God guided him through tough times, homelessness, and the loss of his son at the free #FirstFriday event on March 1st at Adventist Medical Center in Portland, with music by Oasis Christian Center!

Bob Gresh & Allan Scott
were amazing at the Born to Be Brave Tour at Lake Bible Church!

My friends Mike Burkesmith of C12 Western Oregon and SW Washington & Melody Smith Wright of Fellowship of Companies for Christ International shared about life, faith, loss, family, hope, Portland Good Friday Breakfast, and C12's Dynamic Strategic Planning Workshop January 22 at Broadway Coffeehouse in Salem!

Comedian Nazareth
was hilarious on January 11th at Tigard Christian Church!

TIME Magazine Hero of the Year Chaplain Brad Brown spoke at the free #FirstFriday event at Adventist Medical Center in Portland, as Brad shares about finding hope despite the fires in Paradise, California... plus his faith, history, working through loss, & speaking!

"Hello there, neighbor!"
Deborah Cline hosts "The Voice of First Nation Ministries" 6pm weeknights on True Talk 800 & 1pm weekdays on 93.9 KPDQ alongside classic teachings from her father, Don. Deb shared about serving as President of First Nation Ministries, and how you can help "Christians That Care About First Americans!"

"Dealer with a Heart" Bess Wills of Gresham Ford & City of Troutdale Mayor Casey Ryan of Riverview Community Bank shared about how you can team up with SnowCap Community Charities Fill-A-Bag to help stop hunger locally!
You can donate while staying warm and dry at SnowCap.org/Fill-A-Bag.html!

Concert rock violinist Aaron Meyer performed at #FirstFriday on December 7th at Adventist Medical Center in Portland!

New Reverend David Lambert, Reverend Clark Wolfe, Managing Editor Catey Hinkle, & Media Manager George Yellott shared about "Christmas on the Campground" December 14, 15, & 16 at Apostolic Faith Church of Portland, Oregon! It's a free event with live nativity pageant, camels, petting zoo, free food, more than 100,000 Christmas lights, and more!

"FamilyLife Today" host Bob Lepine was amazing live at "Weekend to Remember" at the Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront, plus our free "Parenting with a Purpose" event at Lake Bible Church!


Truth For Life with Alistair Begg was our November Ministry of the Month, featuring Pastor Begg. Plus, we heard all about Jan Markell's Olive Tree Ministries from the host of "Understanding the Times," Jan Markell!

"FamilyLife Today" host Bob Lepine was an outstanding host at our FREE "Parenting with a Purpose" event (at Lake Bible Church at 7pm on Thursday, November 15th), and he has an unusual obsession with The Cheesecake Factory!

Roger & Tonya Haskin HAD a train wreck of a marriage. Today, they're Ministry Representatives for FamilyLife! Find out how on the November 9 podcast!

Keynote speaker Jennigan Bernabei and Pastor Chris Chong shared about how God's unrelenting and transformative love can transcend being born into addiction, Portland Rescue Mission - Shepherd's Door, and more! Jennigan spoke at #FirstFriday on November 2nd at Adventist Medical Center in Portland, featuring music by the RoC Fellowship Praise Band!

Joseph Smith is fighting Ewing's Sarcoma cancer. He & his mom, Dorcas Brown Smith, shared about their benefit concert at Maranatha Church, Portland, featuring The Brown Sisters of PortlandMichael Allen HarrisonAaron MeyerAlonzo Chadwick & Zoulful Muzic, & more! We chatted about Joseph's Uncle Thomas (the rockin' Bucklet Drummer at Portland Trail Blazers games), City Christian SchoolsCity Bible ChurchRussell WilsonSeattle SeahawksSan Francisco 49ersMinecraft, siblings, Mark Lee of Third Day, & more!
joyofit.org let you RSVP, get tickets, & donate. 
AaronMeyer.com has raffles + an auction!

Kaylee McKinley and her dad, Rick McKinley, visited to share about living faithfully and prophetically in today's tumultuous culture with Rick's new book, #FaithForThisMomentMultnomah UniversityImago Dei CommunityAdvent Conspiracy, and more!

#FirstFriday, October 5th
Meet Bill Poole. Returning from a "Weekend Seminar Trip," a car accident took the life of two of Bill's passengers — his wife and one of the students. Bill shares about how God used the tragedy to teach him about pain, grief, trust, hope, love and God's presence. Bill spoke at #FirstFriday on October 5th at Adventist Medical Center in Portland, featuring music by the Sunnyside Seventh-day Adventist Church Praise Band!


Mark Lee from Third Day and Comedian Nazareth were amazing at our FREE Pastors Appreciation Breakfast for ministry leaders and their spouses. 


Simple Faith Calvary Chapel Pastor Bill Henry shared about finding faith, family, punk rock, moving, home education, & more! Enjoy his new radio ministry, "Simple Faith," Sundays at 7:30am on 93.9 KPDQ, “Loving Jesus, loving one another, and loving the lost - teaching through the Bible verse-by-verse - worshipping Him together and walking in His ways!"

Grace Baptist Church Pastor Pierre Rosa spoke at Chapel at Corban University's Psalm Center from 10:00 to 10:50am Monday, September 17! He shared with us about family, loss, Brazil, & moving here from Shadow Mountain Community Church in San Diego, where he learned about the impact of radio ministry from Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah! Enjoy the radio ministry "Truth with Grace" Saturdays at 10am on True Talk 800. Also, meet the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile's Tony Bologna & Habanero Hayley!

Pastor Moe Stiles (with Johnny) shared about moving from Australia, Oasis Christian Center, how even pastors struggle when prayers seem to go unanswered, & #FirstFriday on September 7th at Adventist Medical Center in Portland, featuring music by the Adventist Health Praise Band!

Jeremy Schumacher shared about for Men's Roundup, in addition to growing up, mentors, what you might find running hard after Christ, Multnomah Bible College, Camp Tadmor, Good Roots Community Church, life plans, cross country travel, Matt MikalatosSergio Aguirre, Consumed by FirePaul WrightRAPTURE RUCKUSRoundup 2018!

Terry VanAntwerp, Rodger Snodgrass, & Zory Kirakossian share about Pacific Northwest Adult & Teen Challenge, David Wilkerson, The Cross And The Switchblade, thrift stores, student sponsorships, 104.1 The Fish Tuesday, 93.9 KPDQ Wednesday, & more!
Evangelist (& 26 West Church Pastor) Jose ZayasNW Events & Environments' John Lee, & Chick-fil-A Tanasbourne's Brian Hogan shared about the free "Good News Today" event Sunday, August 12th, at Hillsboro Stadium, with LecraePhil WickhamHollyn, & more! Oregon Food Bank 

Jeff Allen shared about Jeff Allen Comedy Night at East Hill Church in Gresham, OregonJeffAllenComedy.com EventBrite

Western Mennonite School
added elementary school! We enjoyed interviewing Principal Al Stefan, Senior & Student Body President Sean Webster, Parent & Board Member Naomi Quesada, & Director of Marketng & Communications Caleb Ivanitsky.

Soo Chang, Head of School at West Hills Christian School 

Sharon Seventh-Day Adventist Church
 Pastor Garth Dottin 

NW Legacy Contractors, LLC
Co-Owner & Business Partner Monte' Pershall shares 
about faith, construction, estate services, family business, & more!

Drechelle McCray directed Portland Adventist Academy's Gospel Choir at #FirstFriday on April 6th at Adventist Medical Center in Portland, featuring the Adventist Health Praise Band plus a word of hope from 104.1 The Fish's Dr. Terry!

March 30YMCA of Columbia-Willamette Vice President of Mission Advancement & Chaplain Bob Reichen is putting the "C" back into The YMCA, celebrating their 150th anniversary in Portland, and inviting you to Portland Good Friday Breakfast with #HateWontWin movement founder Alana Simmons! #PDXGFB

Pastors Dave & Matt Morris, Hillside Christian Fellowship's new location at Happy Valley Middle School

Love reunited two 93.9 KPDQ listeners 50 years later, high school sweethearts Diana Bown & Lee Barfknecht (The Singing Mechanic)! The newlyweds share about faith, family, music, and their remarkable story! 
Westgate Auto Center

Jonnie W.Tim HawkinsSwitchfoot, his wife's unique hobbies, moving from music to comedy, road life, his faith, and more. East Hill Church Family.

Western Seminary Women's Center for Ministry Director Phyllis Bennett and Sandy Snavely appeared at Ignite 2018: Hope for a Broken World women's conference at Vancouver Church Saturday, March 3rd, with 93.9 KPDQ's Georgene Rice, The Joy of Dance, a citywide united worship team, keynote speaker Whitney Woollard, 20 breakout labs (led by experts including Georgene, Joy Roberts & Julie Widman of Joy of It, Western Seminary friends...), and more! WesternSeminary.edu 

Love reunited two of our listeners 50 years later, high school sweethearts Diana Bown & Westgate Auto Center owner Lee Barfknecht, the singing mechanic! JerushaLee.com   

Dr. Terry from 104.1 The Fish invites you to #FirstFriday at Adventist Medical Center in Portland, with music, a word of encouragement, and FREE FOOD (if you RSVP a couple of weeks in advance at www.AdventistHealth.org/NW/Event/First-Friday)!  

Associate Pastor Greg Phillips, Pleasant Valley Church in Happy Valley!

Pastor Jeff & Lynda Mueller
Immanuel Lutheran Church
Hood River,
Child Beyond International in Guatemala!

SnowCap Community Charities
SnowCap Community Charities, Gresham Ford, Riverview Community Bank.

Reverend John Musgrave, Reverend Clark Wolfe, Trent Paulsen, & Catey Hinkle - Apostolic Faith Church of Portland, Oregon!

Deborah Greenidge, 93.9 KPDQ's Georgene Rice, and Gerutha Greenidge, and Undaunted Ministries! www.UndauntedMinistries.org 

Melissa Campbell & 104.1 The Fish's Summer Shore help women find their passion, purpose, and power in Christ with Revive Ministries! ExperienceRevival.com

Pastor Doug & Kim Franzke, Scott & Julie Hakes, Ohana Christian Fellowship of Seventh-day AdventistsOff Grid Stoves & More, feeding the #homeless with Operation Off the Grid
AdventistHealth.org/Portland/Event/First-Friday, OhanaAdventist.com, OperationOffTheGrid.org, OffGridStovesAndMore.com, HappyCamperFoodCart.com

Eldridge "El" Broussard IIIElSpeaks.com

Joy of It FRIENDZY's Dana CrockerJulie Widman, & Joy Roberts invite every 3rd to 5th grade girl to come for dinner & stay for the fun, as girls that care about friendship gather from around the city! #friendzy #joyofit

Crossroads Community Church Pastor Daniel Fusco's new book: "Upward, Inward, Outward"! 


Pleasant Valley Church Senior Pastor George Gainer 

John Jontez MontesDare 2 Believe, Jamie-GraceRyan StevensonComedian Antoine Scott, and Chris & Crystal from 104.1 The Fish!

Steve GreenPastors Appreciation Breakfast 2017 speaker Bryan Chapell (host of Unlimited Grace), Sunnyside Seventh-day Adventist Church, Portland Adventist Community Services SunnysideAdventist.org

POSTPONED: Saturday, September 16 - Ken Sande of Peacemaker Ministries is not bringing the Relational Wisdom 360 seminar to Hinson Church this weekend.
RW360.org Academy.RW360.org 

John Avery at Trinity Covenant Church in Salem

Worship Arts Pastor Aaron Doerr, Lead Ministry Pastor Marc Huchette, & Lead Pastor Bill TowneRolling Hills Community ChurchRollingHills.org  

Impact Your Health Portland, Impact Your Health Portland Free Clinic, ImpactYourHealthPDX.com 

Laura Kiel, Kiel MortgageKielMortgage.com 

Dr. Terry from 104.1 The Fish,Pastor Jonathan Russell, the Impact Your Health Portland free clinic, Sunnyside Seventh-day Adventist ChurchAdventist Medical CenterAdventistHealth.org/nw/event/First-Friday

Agape Marriage Connection! Listen Thursdays at 2:30pm on 93.9 KPDQ, plus Sundays at 11:30am on True Talk 800AgapeMarriage.org, Laurie Sheffield.

Please keep Don and Deborah Cline of "The Voice of First Nation Ministries" in prayer. They're heard 6pm weeknights on True Talk 800, & 1pm weekdays on 93.9 KPDQ! "Christians That Care About First Americans!" FirstNationMinistries.org 

Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Portland Thorns FC, PDXFCA.org/Thorns  

Candice Russell, Stan RussellHorizon Community Church - Tualatin CampusCandiceRussell.comHorizonCommunity.church 


Advantage Heating & A/C, Called To Rescue, Salem Dream Center, Parents Targeting Traffickers

ReasonChurch.com, LeviLusko.com  

DanielFusco.com, JesusIsRealRadio.com, CrossroadsChurch.net

EmbraceOregon.org, PortlandLeadership.org/Embrace-Oregon




Cor Deo Christian Academy

BridgetownInc.org, TeenChallengePNW.com

Braille, Trinity Church of Portland

[email protected], [email protected], PoimenMinistries.com

Portland's Singing Christmas Tree, Quest Events (formerly West Coast Drape).


PDXCivicForum.org, PortlandGoodFridayBreakfast.org, ServingOurNeighbors.org, EmergencyPreparednessLeadershipForums.org, Praying4PDX.org 

Pastor and College President Jerry Dahlke shared about Faith Christian College. FCCollege.org


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