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The FAA Wants To Hear From You

For the first time since its creation in 1958 the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) is possibly considering regulating the size of your seat. Which could be very good for me seeing as how I can’t seem to shed the ounces I put on over Christmas… 2017 and every year since. But enough about me, this about you, your seat, the price of said seat, and the opportunity to fly across country without losing circulation in your feet! 

For the next 90 days (beginning August 1, 2022), the FAA would like your comments on commercial aviation seat dimensions. That’s right, you can share your heart's content. But you must do so before the end of October. Of course, safety is driving this conversation but shouldn’t comfort also be considered? Of course it should. Here are a few talking points to consider including in your feedback to the FAA. 

  • AMERICANS ARE GETTING LARGER - Is this an “me problem” not a “you problem”? Sure. But it’s also a fact. We are getting bigger and the flood of folks working from home and moving less isn’t helping change that. It’s time for airlines to accept the fad diets and fasts aren’t working and give me a couple extra inches!
  • SAFETY CONCERNS - Regardless of where you stand on the “virus” debate I think we can all admit one thing. Being on top of each other is a very bad idea. Skin on skin contact can have us breaking out in any number of animal based poxes and who wants strangers breathing all over you these days? Give me some extra room and let’s all stay out of the doctor’s office already.
  • FREE THE ELBOWS - While there are factions of folks on the internet trying to free other parts of our anatomy we here at Erik the Travel Guy are chiefly concerned about our elbows. Isn't it high time we were all able to take a breath without compacting our own rib cage because Bruno the Wide Wonder bought a middle seat in your aisle? Enough is enough, set my elbows free!
  • LEG ROOM - We live in a world where legroom is a high priced commodity on flights. Um, excuse me, but most of us have legs last time I checked. Can we please make some accommodations for those of us who don’t want to fold our knees backward just so we can see Grandma for Thanksgiving this year?
  • DELAYED FLIGHT - We’ve all been there. Either we haven’t taken off yet or - even worse - we’ve already arrived and we run into… delays. Which means we’re sitting on the tarmac. Which means tempers are rising. Which means I’ve got to sit next to the person who’s Halitosis Harry for an additional one to six hours! SIDE NOTE: Why do people who have bad breath love to talk so much? 

I believe we’ve made our point. As long as the FAA is asking, these are the real reasons real actual people with human bodies need bigger seats on airplanes. So hit this link and then comment away.

Now, paste away, make that change, and I’ll see you in security!



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