Tom & Debbie Tillman



Tom grew up in a Christian home where his father was a Baptist pastor.  Being a preacher’s kid didn’t protect him from the entanglements of the world, however, and he turned to drugs and alcohol upon graduation from high school.   Although professing Christianity, his destructive lifestyle continued well into his adult years.

Debbie grew up in a loving, but non-Christian home.  She accepted Jesus Christ as her savior in 1968 and then began praying for her family to come to saving faith in Jesus Christ (and some have!) and for her future husband to be a man of God (and he is!).

 We were married in 1973 and have two daughters who love the Lord and have blessed us with six grandchildren.  Like many, we brought a lot of baggage with us into our marriage.  Tom’s drug & alcohol addictions escalated, and we separated after 16 years of marriage.  God finally got our attention, and He began His work of remolding us into the man and woman He originally intended us to be as we individually humbled ourselves to make Him Lord of our lives.  After two years of separation, we renewed our vows in June 1991, and God has faithfully given us a marriage that we had previously never dreamed was possible. 

Tom completed his Masters Degree and graduated from Western Conservative Baptist Seminary in 1992.  After much prayer and seeking for God’s direction, we founded Hearts of Love Ministries in 1993. (Fun note:  The official IRS letter recognizing Hearts of Love as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization was dated on our 20th wedding anniversary!)

As a result of our experiences, God’s deliverance and His healing, we count it a privilege and joy to impact the world with God’s saving grace, His healing power and His mercies that are new every morning for each of us as we humble ourselves under His mighty hand!



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