3 Vital Words for Successful Teens

Based on my experience of parenting teens, pastoring teens, and being a teen, I’d like to burn three words into the hearts and minds of all teens: FOCUS, FORCE, FAITH.

10 Most Dangerous Apps That Parents Need to Know

Your electronic devices can be fabulous additions to your family’s options for entertainment and education. But a major error many parents make is trusting someone else—namely the app developer—to rate the potential harm for your child. But, as a mom, not just someone who works in the industry, I’ve found that some of the safer apps are also important to not disregard. It’s time to learn about some potential dangers lurking in your child’s bedroom that would rival any boogeyman.

Who Is Gen-Z and How Can We Love Them Well?

Already outnumbering Millennials, Gen Z has become the largest generation in America. They are growing up in a much different world than those before them. Who exactly is this pivotal people group—and how can churches and families love them?


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