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10 Goals for Singles to Have During the Season of Lent

Lent. The time of year when believers across the globe recognize the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. It’s the season where believers partake in fasting, giving alms, and prayer to help us remember how merciful God has been and to show love to others. Fasting or giving up something is one aspect of the Lenten season that helps us focus our attention on God and listen to what He has to say. While many believers are gearing up to participate in 40 days of Lent to commemorate Christ and His sacrifice, many may not know where to begin. For single believers, many may participate in the typical sacrifice; giving up certain foods, releasing certain habits, and attending various liturgical services. These are fine to participate in, but why not add new activities to the single lenten journey that could enhance your life in more ways than one? If you don’t know where to begin, look at the list below and see where you fit in.
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5 Small Things That Help Me Grow in Faith

I remember the year I decided to take a big challenge to grow in faith. An author I followed at the time challenged her readers to join her in reading through the entire Bible during Lent. Up until that time, I had only read from Genesis to Revelation a couple of times, and both times it took more than a year. I wondered: Could I actually read the Bible from beginning to end in forty days?I decided to take the challenge. And it turned out that reading the whole Bible in such a short amount of time helped me better understand the arc of God’s saving work through history. I made new connections between the Old and New Testaments.But do we always need huge assignments to grow in faith? In this world that celebrates big, we may think we must always accomplish big tasks like reading through the entire Bible. Or signing up for a two-week mission trip. Or serving on a board of a church or non-profit.While God can stretch and grow our faith in all of those wonderful pursuits, sometimes He also works in the small things.Recently, I have found five tiny practices that have accomplished great things in my spiritual life:Photo Credit: ©GettyImages/Rawpixel

3 Comforting Truths for Singles on Valentines Day

Cupid’s Day often confronts us with disappointment and unmet expectations, forcing us to face the level of love in our lives. And if we are single, our awareness of romantic absence amplifies. But what if you could instead wake up to a renewed awareness of being loved and living strong in your purpose?

What Does Paul Have to Say about Singleness in the New Testament?

Jesus Himself modeled the single, focused, missional life. Are we living our single life on purpose? Or are we merely enduring the days until God may change our marital status? Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians should challenge us to embrace this life God has called us to, whether we are single for the rest of our life or just this current season.

4 Types of Journaling and How to Know Which Is Best for You

We are well into the new year, so may I ask, how is your daily devotional time with God going so far? Have you made new resolutions or re-committed yourself to being intentional about spending time with God every day? If you have not incorporated Christian journaling into your rhythm and routines of seeking God, you may want to give it a try (or try it again), and there is no time better than the present to begin. Journaling is an excellent way to practice spiritual disciplines and monitor your daily devotional time with God. It offers us private accountability and provides a sense of structure that can serve us well as a starting point in our quiet time with God.Journaling is defined as “a record of experiences, ideas, or reflections kept regularly for private use; an account of day-to-day events.” Christian journaling specifically serves the purpose of incorporating spiritual disciplines as an exciting means to engage with God. Unlike other types of journaling, it is extremely purposeful and has spiritual significance.With so many different options, deciding which type of journaling to engage with and knowing where to start can be overwhelming. Although you will not be able to do all of them (nor should you attempt to do so), hopefully, you will gain new ideas and fresh perspectives to approach journaling in an authentic way that is a good fit for you - your unique personality and your grace-pace of life. We will explore four different types of journaling in our time together.Before I share those different types of journaling, let me give you some of the benefits of journaling:-We get to commune with God in written form.-Journaling allows us a safe space in the presence of God to process our feelings.-Journaling allows us to monitor our thoughts (and perhaps track our personal growth and progress over time).-Journaling provides a platform and creates an opportunity for us to hear the voice of God for ourselves.In addition to sharing the benefits of journaling, here are some of my personal tips and strategies I have found to be extremely helpful and meaningful:-Pick a location and time that works best for you based on the type of journaling you select.-Decide what kind of journal you will keep (physical or digital) based on your chosen journaling type.-Determine the frequency and duration of your journaling session.-Incorporate silence and solitude to create the most conducive atmosphere to commune with God.Remember Habakkuk 2:2 (NKJV), “... Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it.” This Scripture offers a reminder to us about the importance of writing. Verbal communication is powerful and can never be substituted. However, there is something just as powerful about writing. Amazing encounters happen when we are divinely prompted to put pen to paper. God often uses these experiences to offer us clarity very concretely. So, I encourage you and challenge you to pick at least two types of journaling you will cling to this year. I am standing with you and believing that by the end of this year, your faith will be stronger, your relationship with God will be much closer, and you will discover unknown blessings you could not have received otherwise.
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Steps to Take to Get Out of Your Spiritual Drought

A spiritual dry spell is a drought, not where there is no physical water, but where there is no living water. And the emptiness or barrenness it causes creates a hole in our hearts that we want to get out of, but we don’t know how. No matter what we try, we keep going around the same mountain over and over again, feeling hopeless and helpless.

5 Prayers for Guidance as You Make Big Decisions

Typically, seeking godly counsel from the Holy Spirit can help with big choices like moving, witnessing to a neighbor who may not be saved, or making other big life changes. Going to the Lord should be a Christian’s primary source for guidance, complemented by Scripture, and consulting godly brothers and sisters in the faith.

How to Redeem Valentine's Day When You're Single

Ask the Lord how He desires to redeem this holiday to be one that you reflect upon in years to come as a day of celebration and joy, even if that seat next to you remains unfilled. Remember more than anything that God is love, and His love upon us is the greatest gift we could ever hope to receive. Don’t underestimate how God will make a new thing and redeem this day for you.

5 Signs You Desperately Need a Break From Social Media

In a world dominated in many ways by the virtual world, almost more than the physical world, we tend to only focus on children when it comes to limits on social media. Articles and studies on screen time and its effects on growing minds are often expressed, and, in time, adjustments are made, but could it be that adults need these breaks as well? Do you need to take a break from social media?
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