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How Do I Honor God with My Money?

Dear Roger, Dealing with finances is so confusing to me. I’m trying hard to minimize my spending, but I always seem to spend everything I make. My credit card debts are increasing. I’d like to have money to give to people in need and to support ministries, but I never have enough. Can you help?

How to Avoid the Most Common Fights about Money

Whatever the situation is in your home, finances bring a unique set of challenges. We have to know how to avoid the common things that drag us into financial disagreements that cause discord in our marriages.

5 Reasons Why Money Is The #1 Cause of Divorce

No one hopes to fight. No one dreams about arguing. But what couples may not see as they gaze into their future is how a little something that they’ve known since their childhood could easily come between them. A little thing called money.


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