Difference Makers

"Difference Makers" airs 1-2pm Fridays on True Talk 800.

Friday, December 19 & 26 — Hello there, neighbor!

Meet Deborah Cline, host of "The Voice of First Nation Ministries," heard 6:00 weeknights on True Talk 800, & 6:15 weeknights on 93.9 KPDQ! "Christians That Care About First Americans."

This Saturday, catch "Heart of the Savior Ministries" at 4pm, following "Georgene Rice - A Week in Interviews."

Learn about sponsorships in this Christmas season, and find out how you and your ministry may qualify for discounted ad rates or be invited for an on-air feature by contacting Mike Lee at mikelee@kpdq.com or 503-652-8148.

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